ondylomata acuminata (Anogenital warts)


The Condylomas are small nodular tumors, which result from a viral infection. These cauliflower-like objects which may be differing in  size  could be around the anus and genital region. They can also occur in the anal channel and increase in size over time. In rare cases, they can degenerate and even become malignant.  Therefore, the treatment should begin as early as possible.



-         Sexual contact

-         Common use of towels, underwear

-         Use of sauna, turkish bath etc. without genital protection


Burning, itching and smelly discharge may occur. Localization inside the anal channel can lead to pain and  foreign object feeling.



Anogenital warts can be treated  by dabbing with solutions or special ointments. Besides the body immunity should be supported by adequate food. The control and therapy of the partner is very important.

In case of therapy failure or spreaded findings they must be removed surgically.  In our clinic this procedure is accomplished under local or regional anesthesia by use of a diod laser.

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