7. Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty (LHP)

This new operation procedure developed by us was published first  in the December issue 2007 of the scientific German Coloproctology. The Hemorrhoidal tissue is removed by a diode laser. Due to the non touch of the sensitive anal skin, the period after the intervention is poor of pain and compliants.  Especially the complications appearing at the classical operations like anal narrowing or incontinence (stool hold incapacity), do not appear at the Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty.


The operation is carried out as an outpatient procedure under regional anesthesia. A special preparation except an liquid enema to clean up the bowel ist not necessary. Laboratory results needed for the Anesthesia will be done of course previously.

During the intervention the hemorrhoidal tissue is cleaned from the inside and the covering skin and mucous membrane layers are not injured. Prolapsing tissue (fall out of the piles) is fixed again to its anatomical position (mucopexy). After 6 weeks the rectum receives its natural construction.

After the intervention a pressure feeling can originate in the rectum for a short time which relief nevertheless quick by warm sitz baths.. For some days drugs are given and a fiber rich diet is recommended. The everyday life is not affected too much, nevertheless the body should be rested for about 1 week. After the operation light secretions and bleedings can appear, but these stop after some time by itself again.


High successful rate
Outpatient procedure poor of pain and compliants
No severe complications



Pressure sensation for a short time
Regional anesthesia necessarily

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