4. How does the illness of the hemorrhoids developed?

If the internal closing muscle does not relax sufficiently, it disturbs of the blood circulation into the hemorrhoidal pads. The blood can not flow out un-hindered and remains accumulated in the pads. The enlarged hemorrhoids form obstacles and the natural mechanism of the defecation is disturbed. Typical modern life style contributes directly or indirectly to this by:


  •  Predominantly sitting inactively and lack of movement in the modern office environment

  • Obesity with increased pressure on the hemorrhoidal pads

  • Low Fiber diet, low fluid intake and de-hydration

  • Constipation, extended pushing and long toilet meetings (newspaper reading)

  • Over-consumption of laxatives

  • Genetic weakness of the connective tissue

  • Hormonal changes during and after pregnancies

  • Diarrhea with damage of the hemorrhoidal pads

The reasons specified above lead -in time- to the enlargement of the hemorrhoids. This enlargement alone does not constitute an illness. When the typical symptoms and complaints become common, one can speak of the illness.


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