1. Anal diseases - still a topic with taboo

Even today’s day and age in the western world, anal diseases are taboo topics about which nobody wants to talk. If one considers that in the industrialized world, almost every other person in the course of his or her life is confronted with them, one can imagine the prevalence. Anal diseases are not only extremely annoying and very painful, but also takes place in part of the body which has already been instilled in most humans -in the childhood- as dirty.


Therefore, it is not amazing that many people have a high threshold of pain and often have very insufficient knowledge. So, still all illnesses within the anal region will be summarized by most people under the term hemorrhoids (piles).

There are so many various illnesses in the anal region, a specialized field was formed in the medical field called the Proctology. The physician who concerns himself with these illnesses is called a Proctologist. Often he or she can recognize the illness only on the basis of the patient’s history and can confirm it with simple diagnostic methods.

Thus, one should not be afraid of visiting the physician if there are complaints or unusual occurrences, like e.g.. blood in the stool. The general rule in medicine applies also to the anal diseases: Earlier an illness is recognized and diagnosed, easier, simpler and more successfully can it be treated.


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