One or more  knotty and painless skin tags (folds) can form  around the anus.   Many patients think falsely that they are exterior hemorrhoids.  They are often seen during anal fissure and hemorrhoids.  These skin tags are often thought to be responsible for complaints.



-         Loss of skin elasticity

-         Pregnancy

-         Anal vein thrombosis

-         As attendance to other anal diseases

-         Obstipation and long toilet duration


Skin tags, in general, would not create any complaints. But, they could affect cleaning of anus and may result to creation of inflammation.  In those instances they may create itching, burning or also foreign body feeling.


Inflammations can be treated with ointments and other medications. Also,  disturbing skin tags that are uncomfortable can be cleared away with a diod laser under the local anesthesia.   Careful anal hygiene done with clean water is important.

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