10.  Anal vein thrombosis (Exterior hemorrhoids)


There are net of veins under the skin of anus area. If the blood circulaton is disturbed, a blood dod (thrombus) generates, which lockes up the vein. This leads to a rapidly occurring swelling and violent pain. The appearance is called as anal vein thrombosis or outside (exterior) hemorrhoids. 



-       Obstipation and hard pressure

-       Lifting of heavy weights

-       Long journeys

-       Tight clothes

-       Long toilet time

-       Accompanied by anal diseases like hemorrhoids or fissures


Suddenly arising swelling at the anus edge with mostly violent pain. Sitting is hardly possible and the general state becomes strongly disturbed.



Application of dod solving ointments, anti inflammatoric drugs and ice compressions as first measure. If there is no success under this treatment or severe pain, then only the operational therapy remains. A small cut is done after local anesthesia and the coagula is removed. So the complaints suddenly stop.

In case of insufficient procedure the whole knot has to be cut off. Additionally, a simultaneous stretch of the anal channel will take place, which leads to a better blood discharge.

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