14.  The Ceralas D15 ELVeS Laser

The ELVeS laser (Endo Laser Vein System) Ceralas D 15 was actually developed by the Biolitec AG for the treatment of varicose of the legs.  The characteristic of this equipment is that it can weld blood veins or tissues from the inside by delivery of energy. Also the chronic wounds at the legs, which formed due to venous disturbances, can be treated with outstanding results. 

The Ceralag D15 ELVwS Laser

ELVeS laser can be used not only in the treatment of veins, but also in the therapy of anal diseases with same success, such as increased hemorrhoids, fissures or fistuls.


Until now the laser application at the treatment of increased hemorrhoids was limited to cutting the tissue out with laser instead of knife.  This had the advantage of the minimum bleeding and the smaller pain, but caused an open wound within the highly sensitive anal tract.  With the ELVeS laser this does not happen any longer, because contrary to the other laser procedures, the hemorrhoid is made smaller from the inside without producing an open wound.  For this, the energy fiber of the laser is placed into the increased knot and several energy impacts are delivered.  The increased hemorrhoidal knot is nothing more than a sponge like container pad, which is extended, similarly as with an enlarged vein at the leg. By delivering of energy the special condition of the ELVeS laser provides welding action of these blood vessels, so that the pads shrink. 

Also a chronic anal fissure (tear of the anal skin) is nothing else than an ulcer of the anal skin.  With the help of the collimating hand piece of the laser it is possible to cleanse the wound ground of the fissure very carefully.  Thus the fissure heals rapidly with minimal-pain.

Particularly, impressive successes can be obtained with the ELVeS laser at the nearly painless treatment of anal fistuls.  After previous cleaning of the fistul tract with a special milling cutter, the tract will be closed by the laser energy from inside like a vein.  Thus not only the long-term open wound treatment will be avoided, but also all other feared complications of the usual operational techniques as well. Especially the possible incontinence fears due to muscle disconnection now belong to the past thanks to ELVeS laser.

Also different lasers, e.g. the KTP laser, are used at the treatment of fistuls.  However they require a lot higher energy quantities, whereby it causes to pain sensations particularly at defecation.

Also other conditions of the skin or the Anal canals, like Marisks, Condylomas or Anal fibroma, can be likewise easily cleared away with this laser with bloodless procedure.. The pain sensation after the interference is clearly reduced due to smaller swelling and the healing time is shortened.

The ELVeS laser represents a quite enriching in the surgical treatment of anal diseases.  Not only the physician, in particular the patient profits from this possibility.  And for the well being of the patients nothing should be too expensive.


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